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      • Egg and Poultry Division: 0538-8068091
      • Group Customer Department: 0538-8069051
      • Purdue website: 4001860815
      • Human Resources Department: 0538-8068129
      • Meat and Poultry Group: 0538-8069126
      • Aquatic Business Division: 0538-8068259
      • Fermented feed: 0538-8069050
      • Special Care Division: 0538-8069119
      • Ruminant Division: 0538-8069069
      • Meat and poultry department: 0538-8069786
      • Breeding Division: 0538-8069795
      • Premix: 0538-8069050
      • Pig Division: 0538-8069017
      • Feeding Division: 0538-8510481
      • Taiji Fermentation Station: 0538-8069050
      • Pet Division: 0538-8069005
      Stock code: 831827

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